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The beach in Gdańsk Brzeźno is considered by many people to be one of the most beautiful and charming beaches in Poland. All thanks to the width of it, miles of velvet sand, as well as numerous green areas which promote active recreation outdoors. Let us remind you that there are two swimming areas in Brzeźno - Dom Zdrojowy Gdańsk Brzeźno and Brzeźno Pier. The first one covers almost 100 m of the coastline, while the second one 500 m. Breathtaking coastal views, the sound of the waves and picturesque sunrises and sunsets attract many tourists each year.

Brzeźno is an excellent starting point (only 7 km away from the centre of Gdańsk and 7 km from Sopot), but also a perfect place to relax and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. That is why everyone will find something for themselves here! The guests of the houses located by the sea of Nalu Beach can enjoy the seaside landscapes at every turn, because our all-season houses are located right next to the beach! In summer, the safety of the sunbathers is ensured by the lifeguards, who can be found at four lifeguard towers. In turn, fans of sports and active recreation on the beach can use the handball or volleyball courts. It is not without reason that the beach in Brzeźno has been awarded with the Blue Flag for many years, i.e. a distinction awarded to swimming areas that meet the highest standards in terms of water purity and safety.
And parks in Brzeźno
There is a nearly 140-meter pier near the beach in Brzeźno from which you can admire unique views directly onto the Baltic Sea. No wonder that it is one of the favourite places for walkers (both tourists and residents of Gdańsk). You can find a dozen restaurants as well as numerous eating places by the promenade. In addition, there is a bicycle path along it leading to Sopot.

Tourists who need a little respite and rest from the sunlight can take refuge in the park adjacent to the beach. Stylish and extremely comfortable benches or tables for playing chess games ensure that everyone will find something for themselves there. The picturesque alleys undergoing renovation are constantly supplemented with new trees, shrubs, as well as colourful and eye-catching plants. There are also bicycle paths in the park. Jan Jerzy Haffner Brzeźnieński Park - that is what we are talking about - is a public park, and its area covers about 10 hectares of land. The whole is enriched with a pergola, colonnade and arbour. We cannot forget about the outdoor gym, the playground for children, as well as the skateboard ramp.
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